Alkemio Release Notifications

Alkemio makes updates to the production platform approximately every two weeks. Below you can find the latest release note as well as links to previous notes.

Release 2022-9-15

Most of the improvements in the release are again related to user engagement: simpler Comments, Discussion Callout and the displaying of Activity in communities.

Discussion Callout

As an Admin, I want to be able to engage the Community, and as a User I want to be easily able to contribute.

In the previous release, we introduced Callouts as a core concept for engaging the Community. That release came with Callouts for Cards and Canvases. However the Callout concept is designed to be very flexible - and in this release we introduce a third Callout type: Discussions!

Members of the Community can contribute by replying with a simple text. For example, community members can introduce themselves, share relevant thoughts on a topic etc.

A draft Discussion Callout has been added to each Hub and each Challenge. As an Admin you can then edit the wording if you wish and choose to publish it to your Community (or delete it).

The draft Callout on a Hub asks members to introduce themselves to the rest of the Community:

The draft Callout on a Challenge asks members to share their first thoughts, experience and expertise with others!


As a User I want to be easily able to Contribute, via a simple interface.

From the Discussion Callout images above, you can spot another update: the refresh of the comments interface. Previously, placing a comment on an Aspect had a really “heavy” interface with a lot of (often) unnecessary functionalities to choose from (left). This is now much simpler, but still supports markdown formatting, such as bold, italic, links (right).

Latest activities

As a user I want to see what is happening in a Community. This is now directly available :)

Each Dashboard tab now has a first version of a timeline feed with activities. If someone adds a Card, a new Callout is published, a new member joins etc - you can see all that now directly on the activity feed:

User and Organization profile banners

As a User I want to be able to see information about Users and Organizations that are Contributing. And I want that my profile looks great!

The profile page for Users and Organizations has been refreshed to display key information in the Banner:

Email Notifications

As a User I want to be notified of what is happening in my Communities. This has been supported via Notification emails for a long time - but has been extended in this release. A new notification email for when a Callout is published has been added.

In addition, the titles and contents of the notification emails have been updated. For example, the community name now always comes first to make it easy for you to see what is happening in which community!

So a bunch of visible enhancements in this release, glad as always to hear any feedback on the above updates. Enjoy!

Previous releases

  • 2022-08-26: "UX refresh, Callouts, Innovation Flows, +++"
  • 2022-07-13: "Canvases as Cards, managing the Community, less User logins, and displaying character limits"
  • 2022-06-29: "New home page, new platform and website domain, and Aspect management templates"

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